Childcare at The Nest

YEP. IT’S TRUE!!! We are able to offer GREAT childcare through the Gold’s Gym Kidz Zone which is located approximately 100 yards from the studio. They have an EXCELLENT childcare facility and a very reliable, caring and well-trained staff. Here’s how it works:

The Nest instructors will carry a special pager that is linked to the Kidz Zone ONLY. In the case of an emergency the childcare staff will page instructor(s) @ The Nest so we can notify parent(s) during class immediately.

You DO NOT need to be a Gold’s Gym Member in order to use the childcare @ Kidz Zone. Rates for Non-Members are $5 per child, per class up to 90-95 minutes.  You may pay as you go or purchase a childcare card (at any amount you choose) and they will keep it on file for you at Kidz Zone.  All payments are made directly to Gold’s Gym/Kidz Zone.

See link below for a full description of  the Kidz Zone Childcare + Nest guidelines, policies and procedures.

Kids Zone Guidelines